Industries Served

The proprietary cleanroom wall, floor and ceiling technology manufactured and installed by Isoltech is perfect for just about any controlled environment. Featuring superior impact strength, chemical and bacterial resistance, coved transitions, rounded corners and a non-shedding, seamless surface, the Isoltech clean room system is easy to clean and maintain, making it the ideal cleanroom solution for a range of business demands and specifications. Real world industries that utilize Isoltech cleanroom technology include:

Life Sciences

  • From manufacturing cutting edge drugs to biotechnology research to developing and testing new medical devices, cleanrooms in life science applications require temperature controlled, low particulate environments.


  • Semiconductor manufacturing, fiber optic production, nanotechnology and micro-electronics are just some of the fields that benefit greatly from high performance clean rooms, as even the smallest particle contamination or static charge can equal complete disaster for these industries.

Medical Facilities


  • Across the manufacturing sector, from aerospace equipment to computer components, controlled environments, free of particulate matter and static charge, are of utmost importance to ensure worker safety and product quality.

Food and Beverage Processing

  • From meat processing facilities to beverage bottling plants, clean room technology helps to maintain the highest levels of food and/or beverage safety and reduces the risk of certain foodborne illnesses.

Laboratory and Research

  • In a research environment, clean room facilities play a critical role in achieving accurate results by helping to eliminate contamination. Research facilities, including industrial labs and academic institutions all benefit from clean rooms.

At Isoltech, we understand that cleanroom technology is essential for a variety of businesses. Let us put our experience, knowledge and expertise to work for you. Contact Isoltech Technologies Specialist, Darrick Prinzi, today to learn more, 866-331-5910.