iStock_000048229122_SmallIsoltech stands for “isolation technology” and we are a leading manufacturer of wall, floor and ceiling finish systems for your cleanroom or sterile environment. Featuring semi-rigid PVC sheets, integral corners and transitions that are welded together, Isoltech is able to create a truly seamless surface that is both durable and reliable. Our unique system consists of corners (inside and out), transitions (90 degrees and 1.5” radius) and flat wall panels, constructed from 2mm PVC, that can withstand up to six times more force of impact as compared to the competition.

Isoltech’s impact strength means that the risk of damaged walls is greatly diminished, meaning you won’t have to worry about imperfections that can harbor bacteria and lead to serious contamination and infection risks. As such, our superior cleanroom production technology, when properly installed, helps to reduce the likelihood that your business will need to shut down operations in order to perform necessary repairs related to impact damage. Furthermore, Isoltech’s unique coved transitions, including rounded corners and pre-molded 2mm floor-to-wall transition pieces promote the most effective cleaning of surfaces, which is especially important since surface contaminants account for at least ten thousand (10,000) nososcomial infections per year.

Clean room construction using Isoltech technology is only complete once all joints are heat welded with matching welding thread, providing a monolithic seamless installation. This system forms a sealed internal shell that is resistant to liquids and chemicals and provides superior impact protection, while creating a continuous surface that is in compliance with all industry standards.  Proper installation of the Isoltech seamless wall, floor and ceiling systems requires highly disciplined and trained contractors and installers dedicated to quality workmanship, as the Isoltech cleanroom installation process requires precision to achieve optimum results.

As you plan for the construction and installation of your cleanroom environment, we encourage you to learn more about Isoltech’s seamless wall, floor and ceiling solutions. Contact Isoltech Technologies Specialist, Darrick Prinzi, learn more today, .

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