PVC Rigid Panels

At Isoltech, we are a global leader in cleanroom manufacturing. Our seamless PVC panel system can be used for a wide variety of controlled and critical environment applications across a variety of industries. Our compressed and rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) wall panels are manufactured for uniformity to enhance durability while also minimizing particle emission and preventing bacterial growth. Furthermore, our unique installation technique allows for high performance installation on most standard wall surfaces, including gypsum wallboard, without the risk of mold growth or moisture damage. And all of Isoltech’s rigid PVC panels meet or exceed standards for fire related safety:


  • Passes UL <25 Flame Spread, ASTM E-84
  • Passes UL <450 Smoke Development, ASTM E-84


Isoltech’s proprietary wall, floor and ceiling system, which includes coved transitions and corners as well as heat welded seams to create a monolithic surface, simplifies cleaning and sterilization as there are never any cracks or crevices to worry about. This makes our seamless PVC panel system ideal for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. Moreover, our rigid 2mm PVC sheets are impact resistant (able to withstand up to four times the force as compared to the leading competitor) and they resist a broad range of chemicals (including caustic cleaning and sterilizing agents). Isoltech’s seamless PVC panel technology yields some of the most durable cleanroom walls, floors and ceilings available on the market today.


Furthermore, because Isoltech offers an integrated system of walls, floors and ceilings, we can help to streamline the purchasing process and eliminate the hassle associated with purchasing multiple finishing components from multiple sources. Additionally our experienced team of engineers and sales staff will work closely with your architects and contractors to ensure that your cleanroom is installed right from the start. Experience the benefits of a cleanroom featuring seamless PVC panels manufactured by Isoltech today. Contact Isoltech Technologies Specialists, Darrick Prinzi, to learn more, 866-331-5910.