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At Isoltech, we pride ourselves on providing customers with superior cleanroom technology. We manufacture and install a unique wall, floor and ceiling system that is constructed from rigid PVC panels, including coved transitions and corners, with heat welded seams to create a seamless, monolithic, sealed internal shell that is virtually impervious to liquids and chemicals, prevents microbial growth and is also impact resistant.

Our clean room surface system can been used in a wide variety of real world applications, including, but not limited to:

While each cleanroom’s specifications will vary somewhat, any clean room outfitted with Isoltech’s proprietary wall, floor and ceiling system boasts finishes that are smooth, nonporous, easy to clean, non-shedding, light reflecting and never require painting. Additionally, our low maintenance, seamless surfaces meet or exceed FDA and USDA regulations, pass flame and smoke density test requirements and are compliant with manufacturing industry standards.

Regardless of what your cleanroom project might entail, Isoltech can help you create the perfect sterile environment for your business’ specific needs. Our cleanrooms provide the ideal contamination-free environment for biomedical, pharmaceutical and a variety of manufacturing operations requiring a controlled area that’s easy to clean and sterilize. Isoltech’s team of professionals can work with your staff, architect and building contractor to engineer something to your exact specifications. Experience the benefits of a cleanroom featuring seamless PVC panels manufactured by Isoltech today. Contact Isoltech Technologies Specialists, Darrick Prinzi, to learn more or to request product samples, 866-331-5910.