Animal Facilities

Contamination is a major concern for animal-related facilities such as animal research laboratories (also known as vivariums), veterinary clinic facilities (including surgical suites, isolation rooms and animal housing rooms), aviaries, farm animal storage and milking facilities, cage wash areas and kennels. For example, in vivariums, clean rooms where animals are housed for scientific observation and research, the unwanted introduction of contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses, mold or fungus can yield tragic results and can bring research efforts to a sudden halt. Not only are the laboratory animals, themselves, costly to replace, but when laboratory operations cease due to infection, valuable research time is also lost. Isoltech’s revolutionary solid surface system allows for superior disinfection, sterilization and decontamination, making it the perfect choice for even the most advanced controlled environments, including animal-based clinical trials, which must adhere to stringent health and safety standards to ensure scientifically accurate results.

Isoltech wall and ceiling surfaces offer excellent chemical resistance and high impact resistance. And thanks to the thermoformed integral components – including 1.5” radius coved transitions and pre-molded inside/outside corners – as well as heat welded seams, Isoltech surfaces offer a water tight monolithic finish that is impervious to liquids and can be effectively treated with industrial strength cleaners and disinfectants to ensure a truly hygienic and antimicrobial environment. Isoltech’s high quality surface finishes are manufactured to provide controlled barriers and containment to protect both personnel and animals across a variety of applications.

Whether your business involves dairy farming, treating sick animals or performing trials on the cutting edge of pharmaceutical research, clean rooms play an integral role in mitigating contamination risks and ensuring a reliably sterile environment that meets or exceeds applicable industry regulations. Learn more about how your animal facility can benefit from the installation of Isoltech walls, floors and ceilings in your cleanroom application. Contact Darrick Prinzi, Isoltech Technologies Specialist, today, 866-331-5910.