iStock_000060766954_LargeIncreasingly more companies across a variety of industries are looking to install cleanrooms or controlled environments in their facilities. Gone are the days where clean rooms were limited in use to the high tech manufacturing sector, hospitals or research labs. Today, cleanrooms are being used in all types of businesses where quality control, product safety and sterility are paramount, such as beverage bottling plants and commercial kitchens.

While each cleanroom project’s specific requirements will be somewhat different, all clean rooms and similarly classified spaces should possess architectural finishes that are smooth, nonporous, easy to clean, resistant to microbial and fungal growth, non-shedding and mitigate electrostatic charge. Additionally, cleanrooms should be able to withstand repeated cleaning and sanitizing processes.

At Isoltech, we understand these needs, and our cleanroom cladding technology, manufactured using rigid PVC, is the perfect solution for your clean room needs. Isoltech is an especially designed and engineered wall, floor and ceiling panel system that incorporates preformed “in corners”, “out corners” and transition strips to connect the corners and panels together. After installation of the panels has been completed, all joints are heat welded with matching welding thread in order to provide a monolithic seamless installation.

As compared to older clean room technologies, such as ceiling tiles or epoxy painted gypsum wall board, our seamless PVC panels provide superior performance. Isoltech’s proprietary system forms a sealed internal shell that is resistant to liquids and chemicals and is also impact resistant. Furthermore, junctures from floor to wall and wall to ceiling are coved and heat welded to create one continuous surface that meets or exceeds all industry standards.

Learn more about Isoltech’s unique cleanroom technology, featuring seamless wall, floor and ceiling surfaces can help ensure your clean room facilities are second to none. Contact us today to learn more, 866-331-5910, and ask to speak with our knowledgeable Technologies Specialist, Darrick Prinzi.