Across the medical field, cleanrooms play an important role in ensuring patient and product safety. From hospitals and treatment facilities to pharmacies and medical device manufacturing plants, clean room technology is essential.

Within hospitals, cleanrooms and controlled environments have long been integrated into surgical suites and pharmacy units, but an increasing number of hospital facilities have begun to install clean room technology as the benefits of sterile areas in hospital quiet rooms, burn units, isolation areas and even corridors regularly exposed to biohazardous materials, are realized. Clean rooms in hospitals help to minimize and control the level of airborne particulates and maintain an antimicrobial environment.

With so-called “hospital acquired infections” on the rise, clean room technology has never been so important to hospitals and medical treatment facilities. According to a 2014 report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there were an estimated 722,000 healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) – infections that would almost certainly not have happened had the victim not been in the hospital – in the United States in 2011 that lead to approximately 75,000 deaths.  That means that more than one in ten people who become infected with a “hospital acquired infection” end up dying as a result. But as more and more cleanroom technology is installed (and properly used) throughout the hospital environment, the incidence of HAIs should be drastically reduced.

Hospitals aren’t the only sector of the medical industry that relies on cleanroom technology. Medical device manufacturers also use clean rooms in their production and testing facilities. Medical device manufacturing is subject to strict FDA regulations, and overall quality and adherence to standards can only be ensured through proper use of a cleanroom, such that the devices are protected from potentially harmful airborne particles as well as temperature and humidity fluctuations.

At Isoltech, our seamless wall, floor and ceiling surface solution is ideal for your clean medical environment. Our proprietary system forms a sealed internal shell that is resistant to liquids and chemicals, is impact resistant, minimizes the level of airborne particles, facilitates easy cleanup of biohazardous material and mitigates the potential for bacterial growth. Contact Darrick Prinzi, Technologies Specialist, today to learn more about how Isoltech can help you create the perfect clean room for your medical application, 866-331-5910.