Selecting the right clean room surfaces is a critically important decision when designing your cleanroom facilities. At Isoltech, we offer industry leading seamless wall and ceiling covering systems that integrate with your clean room floor surface using our unique coved floor-to-wall transitions that promote the most effective cleaning of surfaces in the industry and allows for a monolithic floor, wall and ceiling system that is truly impervious.

Isoltech wall and ceiling surfaces, paired with vinyl or epoxy flooring, are perfect for a variety of cleanroom applications that service the pharmaceutical, vaccine, biotechnology, medical device, nanotechnology and semiconductor industries, just to name a few. Regardless of your business’ specific clean room activities, contamination prevention and process containment are always of primary concern. Additional criteria for safe and effective cleanroom floors include:

  • Absence of cracks or crevices that may promote microorganism growth or propagation
  • Resistance to penetration by harsh chemicals, detergents or cleaners
  • Containment of chemicals or biohazardous material in case of spill or accident
  • Slip resistance
  • Electrical conductivity or electrostatic dissipation
  • Meets or exceeds industry flame and smoke density test requirements
  • Long term resilience, durability and reliability

Isoltech’s exclusive clean room technology also provides additional benefits to your sterile or cleanroom environment. Isoltech surfaces are a smoothed polished white, so your clean room not only achieves peak performance, but also looks great with your preferred choice of vinyl or epoxy flooring.

The durability and reliability of your surface materials, including flooring, should always be a primary consideration when considering clean room construction, as the cost associated with repairs once a cleanroom is in operation can be extremely high. Isoltech is proud to offer seamless cleanroom technology that is second to none and is sure to meet the demands of your business and prove to be a solid infrastructure investment. Contact Darrick Prinzi, Isoltech Technologies Specialist, today to learn more about how Isoltech’s wall surfaces can seamlessly integrate with your choice of vinyl or epoxy flooring to meet the needs of your specific cleanroom application, 866-331-5910.