Semiconductor Industry

Across the high tech sector, including microelectronics, semiconductors and nanotechnology, contamination is the single biggest cause for production-related failures. Clean rooms are frequently used across a variety of technology manufacturing applications to help regulate contaminants such as out-gassing and particulate matter while also ensuring highly controlled and consistent environmental factors. Temperature, humidity, static charge and atmospheric pressure levels all can significantly impact the final product outcome if they are not closely monitored at each and every step throughout the manufacturing process.

In semiconductor manufacturing facilities, cleanroom technology is often installed everywhere from gowning rooms and production workshops to assembly lines and packaging areas. At Isoltech, our seamless and rigid PVC technology provides an unrivaled backdrop for high tech research and manufacturing. Our wall and ceiling surfaces are nonporous, non-shedding, easy to clean and help to maintain low levels of dust, bacteria, aerosol particles and chemical vapors, including ammonia, which can cause significant defects if introduced during the production of microelectronics and semiconductor components.

With panels that are heat welded together to create a truly monolithic surface, Isoltech walls, ceilings and coved flooring transitions are impervious to liquids and can be effectively sterilized using industrial strength chemical disinfectants. And because Isoltech’s finish technology can withstand up to four times more force of impact as compared to the leading competitor, you do not have to worry about unexpected surface cracks or crevices, which can lead to costly shutdowns of manufacturing and production processes during repair.

Whether you are looking to install cleanroom technology as part of an engineering lab at a university or you are looking to build a microchip manufacturing facility, Isoltech promises to provide you with a superior surface finish product backed by world class customer service. To request a sample or to learn more about how Isoltech can help you create the perfect controlled environment for your semiconductor-related application, contact Darrick Prinzi, Isoltech Technologies Specialist, today, 866-331-5910.