The IsolTech Difference

iStock_000015520885_SmallNo matter what your specific cleanroom needs entail, Isoltech can help you create the perfect environment for your business. Experience the benefits of a clean room featuring seamless PVC technology today. These rigid PVC panels are used across a variety of industries, including designated sterile areas in hospitals and outpatient surgery centers as well as controlled and/or critical environments associated with medical and industrial manufacturing facilities. Once preliminary installation of the panels is complete, all joints, including coved transitions and preformed “in corners” and “out corners” are heat welded with matching welding thread to create a monolithic sealed interior that is resistant to chemicals, liquids and biohazardous materials.

Coved transitions offer the following features:

  • Thermoformed and extrusion molded (as compared to heating and hand bending individual parts)
  • Uniform thickness of 2mm (0.080”)
  • Smaller radius (1.5” versus 2”)

Notable features of Isoltech’s inside and outside corners include:

  • Thermoformed and injection molded corners (as compared to vacuum stretched corners)
  • Uniform thickness of 2mm (0.080”)
  • Smaller corner size (4” return versus 8” return)

Benefits associated with Isoltech’s preformed inside and outside corners as well as their coved transitions include:

  • Consistent quality and thickness with each part produced
  • Weld integrity – no burning due to thickness variation
  • No need for cove stick, saving time and money, and no concern over breakage from cleaning
  • Smaller corners are easier to install than their square counterparts
  • Straight parts provide more surface area and allow for superior bonding

Additionally Isoltech wall, floor and ceiling surfaces can withstand up to four times the force of impact as compared to similar surface coverings from the leading competitor. This is especially important as it reduces the chance that damage to walls and floors will occur, and thereby reduces the likelihood of any need for shutdowns related to repairs (which can be very costly). To learn more about how your business can benefit from a cleanroom with Isoltech surfaces, contact Darrick Prinzi, Technologies Specialist, at 866-331-5910.