Hospital Operating

Hospital operating rooms are among the most infection-sensitive environments in health care facilities. Surgical procedures are known to increase patient vulnerability to pathogens, which can be transmitted from surgical personnel, surgical equipment, the air and even the patient’s own body. Despite advanced surgical techniques, nearly two percent of surgeries in the United States result in surgical site infections (SSIs), according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Hospitals that have chosen to include modern cleanroom technology, such as Isoltech’s seamless wall, floor and ceiling surfaces, into their operating room design are better equipped to minimize the level of airborne pathogens while also maintaining a sterile environment.

Beyond just operating suites and surgery rooms, hospitals are also choosing to install clean rooms or controlled environments throughout the emergency ward, including triage areas and patient exam rooms. Seamless, solid surfaces help facilitate better environmental cleaning and disinfection in rooms where patients with an emerging infectious disease (EID) have been hospitalized or treated. Removal of any and all patient secretions and excretions from environmental surfaces where patients receive healthcare is essential to prevent the transmission of bacteria from patient to patient, patients to healthcare workers and from patients to visitors, as surface contaminates account for at least 10,000 nosocomial infections per year. Isoltech’s rigid PVC panels are heat welded together to create a monolithic installation that is impervious to liquids and chemicals, making these wall, floor and ceiling surfaces easy to disinfect.

Hospitals are also installing clean room technology in physical therapy areas, isolation rooms, dialysis rooms and infusion centers which are administering lifesaving intravenous (IV) drugs, such as chemotherapy. Some hospitals are even going so far as to install hygienic surfaces, including Isoltech walls, floors and ceilings, in corridors, patient rooms and waiting areas to help minimize the potential for infection.

Isoltech’s seamless surface finishes are an ideal choice for just about any hospital application. Learn more about how Isoltech can help you create the perfect cleanroom environment that meets your medical facility’s specific needs. Contact Darrick Prinzi, Isoltech Technologies Specialist, today, 866-331-5910.