Protect the designated clean environments in your facility with Isoltech’s durable and reliable cleanroom surface finishes. Our seamless wall, floor and ceiling system offers unsurpassed performance ideal for just about any cleanroom installation.

Used in a variety of manufacturing, scientific research and medical applications, cleanrooms are a controlled environment that contain low levels of environmental pollutants, including dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. Additionally, clean room surfaces, including walls, should be impervious to liquids and chemicals so that cleaning and decontamination of the area is achieved with ease, should be crack- and crevice-free to eliminate the risk of dirt and bacteria deposits, and should be absolutely animal and insect prohibitive.

Isoltech’s clean room surface technology achieves all of this using our seamless wall, floor and ceiling system. Once installed, this proprietary system creates a sealed internal shell that is resistant to liquids and chemicals and is also highly impact resistant. Isoltech seamless walls are ideal for hygienic areas such as hospital isolation rooms and burn care units as well as ultra-clean rooms for manufacturing and research facilities. Cleanrooms can vary greatly in size and complexity and are used in a myriad of industries, including semiconductor engineering, pharmaceutical processing, biotech, medical device and life sciences, as well as critical manufacturing common in aerospace, fiber optics and government/military installations.

Clean room walls manufactured by Isoltech are made of 2mm PVC and are highly resistant to impact (up to four times stronger when compared to the leading competition) and meet or exceed all flame and smoke density regulations. Furthermore, rounded corners, seamless transitions (floor-to-wall as well as wall-to-ceiling) and heat welded joints create a completely monolithic installation that will not trap soil or bacteria, is nonporous, is impervious to moisture, holds up under the demands of frequent and rigorous cleaning cycles and requires minimal maintenance.

Experience the Isoltech difference with our seamless wall, floor and ceiling surfaces, designed specifically for clean room applications. For additional information or to learn more, contact Isoltech Technologies Specialist, Darrick Prinzi at 866-331-5910.