Laboratories / Research Facilities

If your corporation, nonprofit or academic institution requires cleanrooms designed specifically for laboratory or research facilities, Isoltech offers an integrated wall, floor and ceiling surface solution perfectly suited to your needs. At Isoltech, we work directly with our clients to create custom clean rooms ideal for performing research studies, experiments, analysis, clinical trials and laboratory testing.

At Isoltech, we are focused on providing you with a complete solution that meets your requirements. Our experts can help you think through the components of your clean room system, such as gowning rooms, air locks, air showers, material transfer enclosures, batch mixing areas, blending rooms, pass thru’s and corridors to ensure an optimal design for your specific needs. We offer a seamless finish for cleanroom walls, floors and ceilings that cater to different lab and research needs.

Isoltech surface finishes are manufactured from rigid PVC and are easy to clean, non-shedding and impervious to water, chemicals and biohazardous materials. And because all joints and junctures are heat welded to create one continuous monolithic surface, sterile wipe downs are easy to achieve and help ensure that your cleanroom meets or exceeds all industry standards and that your results are never compromised due to environmental contamination.

We specialize in manufacturing and installing clean room surfaces that help to create the controlled environment you are looking for. At Isoltech, we have worked with research professionals in a variety of fields, including industrial laboratories and academic research facilities, and we are confident that we can create the perfect cleanroom for your specific application.  Isoltech’s team of professionals will work with your team to engineer something to your exact specifications. Experience the benefits of a cleanroom featuring seamless wall, floor and ceiling panels manufactured by Isoltech today. Contact Isoltech Technologies Specialists, Darrick Prinzi, to learn more or to request product samples, 866-331-5910.