Isolation Area

Isolation areas within hospitals often see some of the most critically ill patients, and as such, it is imperative that these designated areas of the hospital are planned with great care to protect both patients and healthcare workers, alike. A properly designed and operating isolation room is one of the single most effective infection control measures. These rooms are often used to isolate patients with airborne or highly contagious and infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, measles and even ebola.

Very frequently, isolation areas employ a negative pressure ventilation system in conjunction with other cleanroom technology such as seamless, solid surface walls, floors and ceilings, to prevent cross-contamination.   Isoltech’s rigid PVC panels are heat welded together to create a monolithic surface that facilitates easy wash down and disinfection. In these isolation areas, containment is particularly important, as you do not want any of the room’s contaminated particulate matter to escape into other areas of the hospital and risk further infection.

Beyond the isolation rooms, themselves, many hospitals also require decontamination rooms. As highly trained healthcare workers leave the isolation room, they enter a decontamination room where they remove any soiled garments and are able to completely disinfect before returning to public areas of the hospital. As part of their emergency preparedness plan, many hospitals are also installing decontamination rooms in their emergency departments so that they may effectively respond to small and large-scale incidents where patients have been contaminated by or exposed to chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear agents.

At Isoltech, we manufacture and install a unique wall, floor and ceiling system that is fused together to create a seamless, sealed internal shell that is virtually impervious to liquids and chemicals, prevents microbial growth and is also impact resistant. Furthermore, Isoltech surface finishes are easy to clean and can help to maintain a sterile environment, ideal for both isolation and decontamination rooms. Learn more about how your medical facility can benefit from the installation of Isoltech walls, floors and ceilings in your cleanroom application. Contact Darrick Prinzi, Isoltech Technologies Specialist, today, 866-331-5910.