The aerospace industry relies heavily on high tech research and manufacturing surrounding aircraft, guided missiles, space roving vehicles, aircraft engines, propulsion units, lasers, optic lenses and more. Creating these cutting edge aerospace technologies requires controlled environments to help ensure that contaminants and pollutants do not compromise the scientific accuracy of experiments, negatively impact the manufacturing process or result in defective end products.

At Isoltech, we offer a seamless, integrated wall, ceiling and floor surface product that is manufactured in the United States and installed by our highly experienced technicians to ensure that your clean room solution is second to none. We have a reputation for quality workmanship and construct aerospace cleanrooms that provide superior reliability and overall value. While each application will have different cleanroom specifications, all aerospace-related clean rooms, and similarly classified spaces, should possess architectural finishes that are smooth, resistant to microbial and fungal growth nonporous, easy to clean and non-shedding. Additionally, cleanrooms should maintain minimal (and highly controlled) levels of dust, airborne particulate matter and vapors or off-gasses.

In the aerospace industry, clean room processing is critical for the delivery of safe and effective components. The slightest contamination, presence of aerosol particles or introduction of static charge in sensitive components can result in tremendous and costly losses. In the case of aerospace lasers, for example, absolute accuracy is essential as they must be calibrated to undertake precision oriented tasks, such as vaporization of space debris or charging aerial vehicle batteries. What’s more, this high tech aerospace technology can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce, so a single defective unit can have significant financial impacts.

There’s too much at stake – don’t leave your aerospace industry clean room to chance. From military research facilities and government laboratories to manufacturing facilities serving the public aviation sector, controlled environments are an absolute necessity. Learn more about how Isoltech’s clean room surface technology can work for you. Contact Darrick Prinzi, Isoltech Technologies Specialist, today, 866-331-5910.