Understanding Clean Room Systems

Understanding cleanrooms is an important first step when evaluating your business’ cleanroom needs. In the most basic terms, clean rooms are controlled environments used in biotech and industrial manufacturing, medical offices and hospital environments, food processing, beverage bottling and sterile storage facilities. In a cleanroom, one of the most important factors is particle containment. Airborne particles must be controlled and restricted to very specific limits (which vary depending on the specific application).

Contamination can come from any number of places, including surface finishes. As such, it is very important to thoroughly plan out each and every step of your clean room, beginning with the architectural design all the way down to the specifics of who will be allowed inside the cleanroom once it is complete. When you choose to work with Isoltech, you can rest assured that all of your clean room wall , ceiling and floor surfaces will not only not contribute to contamination, but they will actually help you maintain your antimicrobial and sterile environment.

Once all joints and junctures are heat welded together, Isoltech’s wall, floor and ceiling panels, combined with their coved transitions and rounded corners, come together to create a seamless sealed environment that is virtually impervious to liquids and chemicals, resistant to biohazardous material and is also impact resistant and helps to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) events. Together, these properties make Isoltech clean room surface technology some of the best in the industry.

Let the experts at Isoltech help you understand the basics, necessities and complexities associated with optimal cleanroom surface design. We have worked with business across a variety of industries, including biomedical, biotech, life science, medical device manufacturing, industrial research and pharmaceutical processing , and we can most certainly work with you to meet your business’ specific clean room needs. Contact Isoltech Technologies Specialists, Darrick Prinzi, to learn more or to request product samples, 866-331-5910.