Advancetec LLC

Once you’ve decided you need a new cleanroom, you’ll then have to determine which clean room manufacturer and technology is right for your specific application. We encourage you to check out our competitors, including AdvanceTEC, Peerless Specialty Flooring, Precision Cleanrooms and Simplex Isolation Systems, as we are confident that our Isoltech product and customer service speak for themselves.

When comparing Isoltech to AdvanceTEC, for example, there are a few key factors to consider.

  • Isoltec has been installing rigid PVC, wall and ceiling panels in clean room environments for more than 30 years. Additionally the Isoltech brand is part of a larger, third generation, family-owned business specializing in commercial flooring since 1947. AdvanceTEC was founded in 2000.
  • RELIABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY. Isoltech is unique in that we offer a single source of responsibility from product manufacturing through professional installation. In fact, our installations are performed by our own union mechanics that have extensive product knowledge and experience, such that they are able to make adjustments in the field to overcome any unexpected challenges that may arise onsite. Many of our competitors, including AdvanceTEC, act as a general contractor, purchasing materials as a third party manufacturer and then subcontracting installation work. This process works well when everything goes exactly as planned, but can result in delays and the “blame game” when something unexpected arises during the installation process.
  • Isoltech components include radius transitions that combine with our unique “inside” and “outside” corners to complete a strengthened and durable juncture at the most vulnerable locations. AdvanceTEC, along with most of our competitors, do not offer this type of coved transitions and preformed corners.
  • Isoltec is a perfect application for new or retrofit projects, as our rigid PVC panels can be installed over existing drywall and cement blocks. Most impervious solid surfaces, including those offered by AdvanceTEC, do not allow for installation over the existing structure, meaning that you can’t simply upgrade your existing clean room and instead must commit to building a completely new cleanroom structure.

Learn more about how the Isoltech difference can work to your advantage. Contact Darrick Prinzi, Isoltech Technologies Specialist, today, 866-331-5910.