Whether you are using potentially harsh or caustic chemicals as part of your daily research or manufacturing activities or your cleanroom application only introduces chemicals during the disinfecting process, chemical resistance is an important consideration when planning your clean room facility. Chemical resistance varies greatly based on your specific cleanroom conditions, including temperature. As such, it is imperative to fully understand your proposed clean room processes before making any final determinations regarding surface technology requirements for your cleanroom facility.


At Isoltech, our rigid PVC panels are suitable for most chemical applications; however, there are a limited number of chemicals, including certain forms of acetic acid, liquid ammonia, benzene, ethylene dichloride, laquer thinners, methyl chloride, methyl ethyl keytone, toluol, toluene or trichloroethylene, that are less compatible with our surface technology. If your cleanroom application requires the use of any of these chemicals, please be sure to discuss your specific needs with an Isoltech technologies specialist so we can help you assess if Isoltech surfaces can work for you. For more specific chemical resistance characteristics associated with our product, please download our Chemical Resistance PDF. <insert link to chemical resistance PDF>


If Isoltech does meet your organization’s chemical resistance requirements, we are confident you will be pleased with our product, featuring seamless wall and ceiling finishes (as well as coved transitions and preformed corners) that are smooth, nonporous, easy to clean, resistant to bacterial growth, non-shedding and never require painting.   Furthermore, Isoltech cleanroom surfaces are impervious to liquids and can readily withstand repeated disinfecting and sanitizing processes with approved chemicals. What’s more – Isoltech surfaces offer superior impact resistance as compared to the leading competitor and meet or exceed all industry requirements related to flame and smoke density.


For decades, Isoltech has successfully worked with a variety of businesses and research institutions across many industries. Learn more about how Isoltech can work for your organization or request a product sample today; contact Darrick Prinzi, Isoltech Technologies Specialist, 866-331-5910.